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                Home > About Us > Company Profile

                ????????Nayee mould Inc. was founded in 2000,its application fields were the manufacturing of plastic injection moulds and plastic parts. Nayee have been active on the markets of injection moulds and plastic parts in Europe and north America,providing high -quality products and service for customers,saving cost with maximum limit in the meantime .

                Nayee have reliable group which could attend to research ,to development, to the mould design and to new products conceived with new technologies; following ISO9001 :2000 system.
                We operate mainly in the following fields:
                > Moulds and parts for medical and paramedical device
                > Moulds and parts for communications
                > Moulds and parts for toys
                > Moulds and parts for environment protection
                > Moulds and parts for automobile
                > Moulds and parts for electronics
                > Moulds and parts for National Defence Equipment
                > Moulds and parts for Science & Education Products
                Nayee locate in Shenzhen China ,abut HONGKONG,anear to the port and airport